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BaySierra offers two ways for qualified California residents to participate in Trust Deed Investment opportunities.

The first is by investing in BaySierra Capital Fund, LLC, which is a pooled mortgage fund that invests in a portfolio of trust deed investments selected by BaySierra Financial, Inc. The second is by participating directly in individual trust deed investments, either by investing in a whole loan or by purchasing fractional interests of a loan.

Private lenders must be California residents and meet certain income and net worth requirements in order to participate in either investment program. In either case, private lenders benefit from having BaySierra Financial, Inc.’s experienced management team underwriting the loan investments.

Lenders may be private individuals, revocable family trust, other trust, individual retirement accounts (IRA’s), or Pension or Profit Sharing Plans (PSP’s).

BaySierra Capital Fund, LLC

BaySierra Capital Fund, LLC (Capital Fund) was established in 2010 to provide lenders with an alternative to an individual trust deed investment. Many lenders seek to diversify their private investments but find it difficult with the rising size of individual loans. With the Fund, lenders become members of a pool of trust deed investments which has been described as a mutual fund of loans. By proper asset allocation the fund can spread risk by limiting the amount invested in any individual note or borrower; diversifying the types of real estate held and varying the locales.

Fund members receive monthly dividends which they have the choice to either receive the cash distribution or reinvest their earnings back into their Capital Fund account to receive a compounded return on their investment. Reinvesting is an especially attractive way for retirement accounts to grow their investment over time. The Fund also provides members annual audited financial statements.

Individual Trust Deed Investments

Trust Deed investments can be purchased in whole or in part, as fractional interest. Whether owning a whole or fractional interest, lenders are vested individually in the Note and Deed of Trust as to their respective interest. The title policy and insurance policies also reflect their respective interest. BaySierra provides to the lenders, for a fee, loan servicing which is the collection and disbursement of payments, tax reporting, as well as, any follow up to insure timely payment of the obligation.Loans range in duration from 1 to 5 years and are secured by a first deed of trust.

Loans range in duration from 1 to 5 years and are secured by a first deed of trust.

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