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BaySierra Financial, Inc. is a full service real estate finance and investment company offering private money lending services and trust deed investments in Santa Rosa, also serving Sonoma County, the Bay Area and Northern California.

Our Core Values

  • Strategic

    People are the number one key to success in our industry – what separates BaySierra from the rest of the pack is its ability to involve professionals at every level of the investment process. We are deliberate in our actions, but also cautious to see both sides of the coin before making large decisions. The real estate investment sphere is incredibly multi-faceted; while many competitors rush to judgment, a careful, well-researched yet timely approach yields the best results.

  • Genuine

    Many potential customers say they are skeptical about borrowing or lending because of pre-conceived notions about real estate professionals. Although there are less-than-honest professionals in our field, we strive to remain honest and forthright with our clients. Throughout BaySierra’s tenure in the real estate investment space thus far, we have arranged over $310 million of loans secured by deeds of trust.

  • Reputable

    With 40 years of experience in the real estate finance and investment fields, our President and Vice President Bobby Ritter and Stacey Robles have been with BaySierra since 2003 and 1998, respectively. Currently, we service $39 million of loans secured by deeds of trust (for nearly 200 investors.) But don’t take our word for it – as one of our customers Dan said, “I have been investing with Bay Sierra since 2005 and have been impressed with their industry knowledge, attention to detail, and professional service.”

  • Accessible


Our Success Stories

BaySierra Financial, Inc. (“BaySierra”) is a licensed California real estate broker specializing in the business of arranging, funding, selling, purchasing and servicing trust deed investments secured by California real property for its private investors and its own account.

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