BaySierra Financial, Inc.

BaySierra Financial, Inc. (“BaySierra”) is a licensed California real estate broker specializing in the business of arranging, funding, selling, purchasing and servicing trust deed investments secured by California real property for its private investors and its own account. BaySierra was formed in 2000 and has been a licensed real estate brokerage firm since that time.


BaySierra was founded in 2000 by John and Pamela Graziano. In 2015, they sold their interests in the company to long time employees Robert “Bobby” Ritter and Stacey Robles; but despite this change of ownership, the company’s interests have remained the same – providing borrowers and lenders professional underwriting services throughout the Golden State. Additionally, Robert and Stacey serve as the company’s president and vice president (respectively.)

BaySierra’s core values: strategic, genuine, reputable, and accessible.

Strategic: In the real estate sphere, people are the number one key to success. What separates BaySierra from the ‘rest of the pack’ is its ability to involve professionals at every level of the investment process. With Bobby and Stacey at the helm, the company is ambitious, but also contentious of seeing both sides of the coin before making large decisions. Because the real estate investment space is multi-faceted, many of BaySierra’s competitors rush to judgement – but decades of experience and fact-based decision-making have echoed the importance of prudence and ambition.

Genuine: Some potential borrowers and lenders say they are skeptical about utilizing real estate professionals because of preconceived notions about those working in the space. Although there are less-than honest professionals offering too good to be true loans, BaySierra strives to offer realistic no nonsense offerings for a wide variety of customers.

Reputable: With over 40 years of experience with borrowers and lenders under their belt, Bobby and Stacey have been securing loans to wide acclaim since the company’s founding nearly two decades ago. The company is growing on a daily basis – but these claims do not come as empty words; one customer, Dan, said “I have been investing with Bay Sierra since 2005 and have been impressed with their industry knowledge, attention to detail, and professional service.”

Accessibility: One of the key factors behind BaySierra’s success is a focus on open and consistent communication with clients. When a customer calls, they can expect a swift response and easy access to whomever they need to speak to. The peace of mind that Robert and Stacey provide for their clients is part of why they have gained so much repeat business.

Robert Ritter


Robert Ritter joined BaySierra Financial, Inc. in 2003.  In 2015, Robert purchased 50% of BaySierra’s outstanding stock and was appointed as BaySierra’s President.  During Bobby’s career with BaySierra he has been responsible for managing both of BaySierra’s mortgage funds including, loan quality, collection of non-performing assets, real estate owned management, day-to-day fund operations and working with certified public accountants and securities attorneys.  As President and part owner he will now be involved in all aspects of BaySierra’s business activities.

Bobby holds a California Real Estate Broker’s License.

Bobby grew up along the central coast in the Monterey, CA and in 1999 he moved up to wine country to attend Sonoma State University. He played on SSU’s baseball team and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting in 2003.    He is married with 3 children and lives in Santa Rosa. 

Stacy Robles

Vice President

Stacey Robles has been an employee of BaySierra Financial, Inc. since 1998. In 2015, Stacey purchased 50% of BaySierra’s outstanding stock and was appointed as BaySierra’s Vice President. During Stacey’s career with BaySierra she has served as its Operations Manager with extensive experience in investor relations, loan originations, underwriting and the preparation of loan documentation and loan modifications. She also managed and oversaw BaySierra’s servicing department on payment collection; worked with delinquent borrowers; and established and oversaw foreclosure procedures. She also has considerable experience working closely with investors on funding loans and the preparation of investor/lender loan documentation. As Vice President and part owner she will now be involved in all aspects of BaySierra’s business activities.

Stacey holds a California Real Estate Sales License and is a licensed Notary Public. She is a native of Sonoma County, is married with 2 children and lives in Santa Rosa.