When traditional lenders cannot provide financing for whatever reason, such as credit issues, verifiable income or special purpose real estate, private loans can step in and save the day. Private money loans are more expensive than a bank but many times cheaper than a partner.

Equity is the key to making private loans as the higher the perceived risk, the lower the loan to value ratio. We will look at cross-collateral or other loan enhancements to secure the loan.

Borrowers may be individuals, corporations or partnerships that are looking for business purpose, non-institutional loans secured by first-priority deeds of trust encumbering Northern California non-owner occupied residential, improved commercial, industrial, multi-family and mixed use properties.

Borrowers may choose to use private money loans if they:

  • do not conform to institutional standards due to impaired income/credit histories
  • need to close quickly to compete with cash offers.
  • Private money loans are more asset/equity-based loans, not borrower-based.
  • can close faster using private money than with banks or traditional lenders
  • Avoid the constraints and frustration of a commercial bank.
  • Use real estate equity to consolidate business debt, provide for business expansion, pay for new improvements, income or property taxes, the purchase

BaySierra Financial, Inc. (BSF) has been in the business of arranging, funding, selling, purchasing and servicing trust deed investments on real property in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and Northern California for over 25 years. BaySierra has more than 40 years experience providing borrowers and private lenders with professional underwriting services. If you’re considering private money loan, contact us today!

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