BaySierra Financial, Inc. (“BaySierra”) offers a broad variety of real estate loan products to borrowers.

BaySierra’s agents are well versed in all aspects of real estate finance, whether income producing commercial properties, apartments, construction projects, residential properties, land, agricultural properties, subdivision land or special purposes properties.

Our agents are real estate financing professionals and most have 20+ years experience in the financial industry, whether as bankers, real estate loan brokers or accounting professionals. Because of their varied backgrounds and experiences, they can provide invaluable insight as to how your financing needs can be met.

Private Money Loans

More expensive than a bank but cheaper than a partner.

When traditional lenders cannot provide financing for whatever reason, such as, credit issues, verifiable income or special purpose real estate private loans can step in and save the day. Private money loans try to balance the risk vs. reward in pricing the loan. BaySierra Financial, Inc. offers privately funded real estate loans all over Northern California including but not limited to the following property types:

  • Residential – One to Four Unit Residential Properties (Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied)
  • Commercial – including multi-unit residential property, office buildings, industrial and warehouse facilities, retail stores and small shopping centers)
  • Land – single lot properties; subdivision land, whether unmapped, tentative mapped or final mapped; agricultural properties; forest lands and; vineyards.
  • Special Purpose – Churches, marinas, bowling allies, medical clinics, feed mills, fishing/hunting lodges and free standing fast food properties.