Business Purpose Private Money Loans

More expensive than a bank but cheaper than a partner.

When traditional lenders cannot provide financing for whatever reason, such as, credit issues, verifiable income or special purpose real estate private loans can step in and save the day. Private money loans try to balance the risk vs. reward in pricing the loan. BaySierra offers privately funded real estate loans all over Northern California secured by the following property types:

  • Residential – One to Four Unit Residential Properties (Non-Owner Occupied)
  • Commercial – including multi-unit residential property, office buildings, industrial and warehouse facilities, retail stores and small shopping centers
  • Land – single lot residential properties and agricultural properties

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I’ve been investing with BaySierra Inc.Financial since 2005, Throughout that time, including the recession and subsequent recovery, BaySierra provided the necessary fiduciary expertise to build and protect my investments. The current economic roller coaster is presenting all of us with future investment concerns. What opportunities are out there? These conditions require thorough investigation of our options for monetary investments. BaySierra remains my choice for a local, professional and trusted Financial Institution.