Inflation May Not Be a Dirty Word

A recent survey of 650 US CEO’s ranked California 50th for its business environment (the 8th straight year). We did receive 4 out of 5 stars for our living environment but only 1 of 5 stars for taxes & regulation. On the flip-side, businesses are out in greater numbers shopping for real estate to buy & lease; property values are below the cost of constructing a new building. So, perhaps inflation is not a dirty word, especially if it is served up in small doses—2 to 4%. I believe a little inflation is our way out of this current real estate market, both in commercial and residential properties.

Memorial Day (this weekend) honors men/women who died while serving in the US military. This occasion has me reflect on many things and asking myself if I have any regrets; I think I do. However, they are from a life-time of taking chances and making decisions. The only thing you can do with regrets is to understand them and perhaps take them into consideration with the choices you make in the future.

This weekend there are lots of activities, from the Orchid Show in Sonoma on Saturday to the Healdsburg Antique Fair on Sunday. Enjoy and be safe!!!

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