Honesty and Integrity

In most businesses, including Private Money Lending, honesty and integrity are very important, especially in ownership and management. You set an example of how you expect your employees to act and present themselves. Your clients rely on your experience, honesty and integrity, especially if they are investing money with you or purchasing stock in your company. So, when you read that Yahoo’s CEO is under fire for padding his resume with an embellished college degree, it begs the question – why did he do that? In this climate of social media and the Internet, it was a foolish thing for him to do. Does this affect his ability to run Yahoo? Perhaps it does, to the extent he has potentially lost some credibility and integrity.

Then we turn to the most powerful CEO’s in America, the youngest being Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) at age 27 and Larry Page (Google), age 39. They may not have gray hair but they do have creative vision and a lot of energy. It will be interesting to watch the initial public offering of Facebook in the next few weeks, estimated to reach trading at $100 Billion. Keep in mind that Zuckerberg owns enough voting shares in the company that his decisions cannot be overruled by outside shareholders.

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