Great News!!!

In the Private Money Lending business, we experience ups and downs and it is a challenge to maintain a positive attitude.  However, we are receiving offers and are even selling some of our REO properties.  Some properties are being sold for cash and some are seller-carry for two or three years.  So, this is great news, especially for us and our lenders.

So, speaking of great news – The SF Giants come through once again!  They invited a 9 year old and his family to attend a Friday night game and meet his favorite pitcher, Tim Lincecum.  The young man came to the aid of a choking classmate, slapping him on the back several times to dislodge the food stuck in his throat.  Go Giants!

I am also pleased to see the AMGEN Bike Race is back once again in Santa Rosa.  The race starts downtown on Sunday, May 13th; however, several participants are coming early to take advantage of all the great places to see in Sonoma County.

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