Is a Trillion the New Million?

I always thought that a Million dollars was a lot of money; I still think it is.  Then, came a Billion dollars—which is being paid by Facebook for a less-than-2 year old San Francisco company.  So, with our National Debt being over a Trillion dollars, is a Trillion the new Million?  The next value is “quadrillion”; I wonder how long it will take to hear that word.  It appears common to read that professional athletes are signing 3 to 5 year contracts for over $100 Million dollars.  Reality is that only a handful of players earn over $100 Million—the “WOW” Factor gets us when we read it.  Are we becoming blase in saying “a million”?  A recent article states Microsoft trades at a valuation of around $260 Billion; Apple’s value briefly crossed the $600 Billion mark.  Having a company be valued at a Trillion Dollars is not far behind.

Speaking of dollars, don’t forget to file your tax return by April 16th. 

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