See You in the New Year!!!!

I just love to end the year on a good note – our Company is busy at year-end, even with loans that borrowers want to close by the end of December.  We put out an email of 3 loan transactions needing to be funded, totaling $800,000; they were fully sold out within 45 minutes.  Not bad for a questionable economy, huh?  I guess there really is a Santa Claus.

According to a survey from The Conference Board, Consumer confidence shot up for the second month in a row in December.  It is probably too soon to tell if the year-end optimism is simply a rebound from declines earlier in the year or is a sustainable shift in attitudes.  Let’s hope for a shift in attitudes.

I’d like to take a few lines and remember a few of those that passed-on in 2011: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs—a little quirky perhaps but a creative genius; Elizabeth Taylor, strikingly beautiful and a devoted advocate for HIV/AIDS research; Andy Rooney, witty journalist and legendary commentator.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve, however you choose to celebrate.  I look forward to a prosperous and exciting 2012.  See you then . . . .

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