Happy Holidays & in the News!

The Democrats & Republicans are at it again! They are taking front-center stage and are deadlocked in their debate over the pros and cons of the payroll tax holiday extension.  For a majority of employees it means an average of $40 per week, every two weeks, or about $1,000 per year. The economy looks to be getting some (yes, small) traction and perhaps this is the wrong time to stop pushing for a resolution. Remember, doing our job as citizens and voting intelligently is necessary.

It is nice to see there are some major private construction projects on tap for 2012 in Sonoma County: Oliver’s Market plans to open a store in the Bell Village Project in Windsor, in 2013; construction bidding is likely to open in Summer of 2012. An overhaul of the 12.5 acre former Barlow Apple Processing Plant in Sebastopol is due to be complete late in 2012. It will be 215,000 sq. ft. of commercial space tailored for artisan wine, beer and food producers. So far, 26 tenants have been lined up for 78% of the project space.

A Holiday Card from one of my nieces included some great words of wisdom that I would like to pass on: It is not what you do when you feel great but what you do when you feel awful that defines you. Never underestimate your ability to push it a step further. And, lastly, having a dream never goes out of style.

Have a Great Holiday!

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