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The Holidays are Here!

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

When the leaves start turning you know that crab season can’t be far behind.  Are you one of the people, like my wife, that have a “shellfish” allergy?  Hers is a recently acquired one, which was an unpleasant surprise, as we love to eat all kinds of shellfish.  This allergy has me thinking about foods that are very good for you, foods that help fight different kinds of cancers, such as: blueberries, tomatoes, garlic, cabbage, red wine (which has resveratrol) and even turmeric (the spice).  Being Italian, I’m all for tomatoes, garlic and red wine!  Green tea is also very good for you but take care to brush your teeth often, as the tea can discolor your teeth, if you drink a lot of it.  There was even a recent report that indicated regular teeth cleanings by a professional may lower your risk for heart attack or stroke. 

Next week is Thanksgiving so it will be a short work week for our office. We will be closing around 1 pm on the Wednesday before, closed Thanksgiving and the Friday after, reopening on Monday morning.  You probably won’t see a blog until the week after.

A couple of family events are the Annual Lighting of the Snowmen in Sonoma on 11/26, call 707-933-3010 or Santa’s Riverboat Arrival in Petaluma, call 707-769-0429.

Without Compromise Not Much Gets Accomplished

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

The World population is now estimated at 7 Billion people, life-spans have increased and a lot of us are working longer. With the population aging, have we gotten any wiser or kinder? Are we respectful of others? Are we tolerant of others and our differences? Are the Occupy Wall Street protesters hoping to influence your vote in the coming elections? They don’t appear to have any clear leadership or a clear list of demands or solutions to the economic inequalities they rail against. Yet, their protests are costing the cities money (our tax dollars) for extra police services to monitor/control etc. to ensure the protests remain peaceful. Isn’t there another way to get your opinion heard, perhaps by your vote? There is generally one side against the other and some people don’t want to compromise; however, without compromise not much gets accomplished, whether it is in relationships, business or politics.

Don’t forget this Saturday night to turn your clocks BACK; you gain the hour you lost in the spring. Days are getting shorter but in Sonoma County we get to experience the four seasons, which are spectacular to see.

This Sat. 11/5 & 11/6, take in the Salmon Creek Holiday ArtWalk, Free, call 707-875-3500. For a culinary delight, take in Wine & Food Affair, featuring Paella by Chef Gerard, in Sebastopol, call 707-823-3040.