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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Are you one of the folks at the leading edge of baby boomers turning 65 this year?  Some have long since retired and others plan to keep working for the foreseeable future.  Some “boomers” want to continue working but would like to have more control over their schedules and projects they work on.  “Boomers” are said to be the healthiest, best-educated generation to transition through middle age to retirement.  Many folks approaching retirement are also interested in giving back to the communities that supported them.  So many options . . . no excuse for sitting on the sidelines or couch.

Governor Jerry Brown has a very tough job ahead, as California simply does not have the money to pay for all the services it once did.  Balancing the budget needs to be done; however, it will be painful all across the public services the state provides.  There will need to be sacrifices from every sector of the state; it is up to the voters to determine how much pain to endure.

Still not tired of crab?  Check out the Elsie Allen High School Project Grad Crab Feed on Jan. 29th, call 707-544-5942.  Don’t forget to check out the local Farmers Markets, Santa Rosa on Wed. & Sat., call 707-538-7023; Sonoma on Fri. call 707-538-7023.

Quality & Equity

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

In the private money lending business, we are concerned about quality of the borrower and equity in the real estate.  In the personal sense, folks are concerned about price of gas and employment.  Why does gas costs more in California?  Higher cost in our area is due in part to our State regulations that require a different, more expensive mixture of gasoline.  We’ve been buying expensive gas for decades.  Due to smog problems in the 1990’s, the EPA passed the Clean Air Act.  Since then, we’ve had to buy gas that produces fewer pollutants than fuel sold in the rest of the country.  More likely than not, it will take years before there is a national market for clean burning gas; so, while this is good for our California environment, it hits us in the wallet.

Speaking of wallets, you’ll get an extra three days to file your taxes this year; they are due on Monday, April 18th.  The extension is thanks to Emancipation Day, April 16th, a little-known Washington D.C. holiday that celebrates the freeing of slaves in the district.  Since April 16th is a Saturday this year, Emancipation Day will be observed on Friday, April 15th

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