I think “team-work” is the saying of the week.  As a private money lender and running a company of agents and staff, it is imperative that we work as a team.  Everyone does their part to originate, document and fund loans; then the servicing of those loans begins, again with teamwork.  We also manage some REO properties with the support of a hard-working staff, again with team-work.

Obviously the San Francisco Giants worked as a team – they won the World Series, with fabulous pitching, hitting and fielding.  It was mentioned several times by the broadcasters that all the players worked as a team and never gave up, to reach their goal – a World Series title for the first time in San Francisco.

In government, you must work as a team to get anything accomplished.  There will be interesting and challenging years ahead to see if we can move forward, especially in California.  Governor-elect Jerry Brown has his hands full; let’s all do our part, no matter how big or small, to participate when needed and get involved when you can.

Don’t forget this weekend, Saturday, November 6th, ends daylight savings time; so, “fall back“.

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