BaySierra Financial, Inc. (BSF) offers a broad variety of real estate loan products to our clients. BSF's agents are well versed in all aspects of real estate finance...

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Q: Why should I invest with BaySierra Financial, Inc.?
A: BSF provides private equity lenders professional underwriting on real estate loans and its principals have over 40 years of experience in financing.

Q: Do you service your own loans?
A: Yes, we have been servicing our private lender portfolio since 1987.

Q: Are you a broker?
A: BSF is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate #01280711

Q: How do I contact you?
A: See the Contact Us page.

Q: What associations are you a member of?
A: California Mortgage Association, California Association of Mortgage Brokers, Redwood Empire Mortgage Lenders, National Association of Mortgage Brokers, Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and Sonoma County Alliance

Q: Who owns BSF?
A: BSF was established in 2000 by John and Pamela Graziano, as the successor to Triad Mortgage, Inc.


Q: What can a broker earn on a Private money loan?
A: Typically a broker can earn 1-3% of the loan amount

Q: Do you need a license to get paid?
A: Yes, BSF can only pay licensed DRE Brokers

Q: When do I get paid?
A: At the close of Escrow

Q: Where do you lend?
A: All over Northern California


Q: How do I submit a loan?
A: Send a completed loan package via email, fax, or mail.

Q: What type of clients use private money?
A: When traditional lenders cannot provide financing for whatever reason, such as credit issues, verifiable income or special purpose real estate.

Q: What property types do you lend on?
A: Commercial and residential real estate or land (improved or unimproved) located in California

Q: What is our min/max loan amount?
A: $25,000-$5,000,000

Q: What are your private money lending rates?
A: See the current rate sheet

Q: Can you help a company with cash flow issues?
A: Yes, by using the loanable equity of the real estate.

Q: Do you lend on equipment?
A: Yes, if permanently affixed to the property. Equipment must also have a separate appraisal.

Q: Can the borrowing entity be a corporation, LLC, etc.?
A: Yes, BSF will lend to all entity types as long as they are licensed to do business in the State of California.

Q: How do you value a property?
A: We use licensed California appraisers with experience in the subject property type.

Q: Do you lend on contaminated property?
A: Yes, depending on the required cleanup remediation

Q: Can you do an interest reserve?
A: Yes, as long as the there is enough loanable equity in the collateral


Q: How can I invest?
A: BSF offers investors the ability to place investments in an individual Note secured by Deed of Trust or membership in the BaySierra Mortgage Fund, LLC.

Individual Notes

Q: What secures my investment?
A: Your investment is secured by a deed of trust recorded against the borrower's property.

Q: How soon do I receive payments on my investment and when does my check come?
A: BSF disburses interest payments on the 15th and 25th of each month as they are received and clear the bank.

Q: Who do I contact to discuss investing with you?
A: See the Contact Us page.

Q: Do you service your own loans?
A: Yes, BSF provides loan servicing which is the collection and disbursement of payments and tax reporting, as well as any follow up to ensure timely payment of the obligation.

BaySierra Mortgage Fund, LLC

Q: What is BaySierra Mortgage Fund, LLC (the "Fund")?
A: The Fund is a California Limited Liability Company formed for the purpose of making and investing in loans secured by deeds of trust on commercial and residential real estate or land located in California.

Q: What is the minimum investment?
A: $25,000

Q: How do I get paid?
A: Fund members have the choice of regular monthly cash distributions of Fund income, or income credited to capital account and reinvested by the Fund.

Q: Who can invest in the Fund?
A: Units can be sold only to qualified residents of the State of California.

Do you have any questions we didn't answer? Please contact us.



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